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Considerations when your paycheck is reduced by creditors

The words "debtors' prison" might reasonably conjure up images of an historical anomaly and anachronism confined to European countries centuries ago.

American colonial officials recognized the horrors inherent in such an outcome for individuals and families who fell behind on a payment or two owed to a creditor, perhaps couldn't come up with the full amount for rent or who otherwise were simply struggling with onerous debt exactions.

Their response: necessary and humane reform premised on the idea of a second financial chance and an understanding that society at large benefits when any person or family regains financial traction.

That reform bent is on manifest display in the U.S. Constitution, which explicitly recognizes bankruptcy as a remedy for insuperable debt difficulties.

Bankruptcy reform has kept pace with changing times since its inception, adding new protections for struggling debtors who are doing their utmost to claw back from challenging debt.

As we have noted in select prior posts (see, for example, our entry from August 12 last year), one such protection is the powerful "automatic" stay" that is triggered when protection is invoked through a formal bankruptcy filing.

In spotlighting that tool on the wage garnishment page of our website at the debt-relief Law Offices of David A. Tilem in Los Angeles County, we note its efficacy in preventing a lender "from setting a chain of events into motion that result in wage garnishment." A stay can additionally forestall or effectively curb permanently a number of additional adverse results that might otherwise stem from debt challenges, as well.

Our firm can explain the benefits of a stay and the process of bankruptcy generally to any individual in Southern California who has questions or concerns regarding troublesome debt demands.

We have decades of on-point experience doing so, and advocate on behalf of all our clients with passion, empathy and an unstinting resolve to secure a best-outcome result in every case.

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