Bankruptcy Law Firm Client Testimonials

The Law Office of David A. Tilem: Client Testimonials

1.) Client Testimony

David and Lucy, Thank you SO much for helping us obtain the documents we need. You have been nothing but a pleasure in assisting us. Hope family is healthy and happy.

Again, much appreciation,

"Kelly & Rodney from Santa Monica"

2.) Client Testimony

My wife and I have been involved in an ugly 2+ year bankruptcy battle. Thanks to Attorney David A. Tilem, who volunteered as mediator, the bankruptcy has been settled. Attorney Tilem conducted himself in a very professional yet friendly manner. He went out of his way to make my wife and I feel extremely comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. Thank you!!

"Steve & Paula from Riverside"

3.) Client Testimony

I selected Attorney Tilem because he was recommended as the only attorney who could make my case for bankruptcy. A previous attempt failed. I believed he could help due to his reputation and the recommendation by another highly respected bankruptcy attorney, who no longer practiced. Attorney Tilem finally made the court see the dreadfulness of the ordeal I had been through over almost two decades and I was granted bankruptcy. I cried. The success of the case was overwhelming to me, since the previous years of countless court appearances and unfair, misunderstood results had worn me down financially and emotionally.

"Ginny from West Los Angeles"

4.) Client Testimony

Dear Tilem Agency,

You will be happy to know that we are in our own house in Upland, CA. We started purchase two years to the day of our official discharge. Thank you Attorney Sylvia for all your support and thanks to everyone with Attorney Tilem's office. I cannot lie; the bankruptcy process was difficult and humbling. We really had to take a good look at ourselves, our choices and the economy that changed our lives. However, it was the best decision we could have made to make a clean start, build our credit and have an affordable home in a great neighborhood today. The girls are doing well in school, I continue to be steady in teaching and Chris has a new career with LA County. Yes, it was humbling, but the right choice.

Thank you all,

"Karen and Family from La Verne"

5.) Client Testimony

The David A. Tilem Agency:

The purpose of this letter is to let you know how happy we were with the services we received at your office!

After making the difficult decision to file bankruptcy, we contacted many local bankruptcy services in our area. We had heard many stories about mistakes and lack of professionalism from friends so we were being very careful about our choice of attorney. After contacting you, we determined what we wanted to have our bankruptcy done by your office. It would be difficult to describe why we felt that way- only that we had developed a sense of who inspired confidence after speaking with so many attorneys.

From the beginning, the procedure was clearly and thoroughly discussed with us. We felt very well informed regarding what our responsibilities would be and what our attorney would be doing.

Bankruptcy involves a tremendous amount of documentation on the client's part. We had lots of questions and Sylvia and the staff ALWAYS returned our calls and e-mails immediately. We never, at any point during the process, felt abandoned! We never felt as if we were an annoyance although we must have been.

The entire process moved along smoothly and the day in court was exactly as Attorney Lew described. We felt our case was handled in a straightforward and very professional manner. We felt that we were strongly supported by Attorney Lew and the agency staff. We would most definitely refer any friends and family to this office in the future, should they need their services!

Thank you so much for your help and support in a difficult time.

"Kathy from Glendale"

6.) Client Testimony

Dear Sylvia,

I wanted to report that my hearing on May 20th seemed to go exceedingly well. I had planned to meet with Bankruptcy Trustee, Alfred H. Siegel, at my hearing conference; however, Mr. Siegel sent a substitute Trustee to preside over the hearing.

Attorney Lucy Ajdaharian and I were about 5th on the calendar and were called up by the Trustee about 45-minutes after we arrived. I was invited to sit at one end of the long conference table and Lucy sat on the opposite end. The BK Trustee had several people assisting him at his desk during the conference.

Apparently, the Trustee was not aware, that just one day following our filing the BK (on April 25th), I was due for a case management study in Superior Court on April 26th, with the Honorable Judge Robert Hess, where Collection at Law was attempting to secure a summary judgment against me, on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank, for a MasterCard that had been issued in my name. The Trustee inquired as to why I kept my funds in a Trust Account with my PI attorney and was very satisfied when Lucy advised him that I had major concerns from creditors putting a lien on my personal bank account with Bank of America.

The truth is that I had the beejeebees scared out of me by various creditors who had called and advised me that they were going to obtain a judgment against me and secure a lien on my house. They also stated that they may send a flatbed tow truck, when I least expect it, to my home, early in the morning, around 4:00 AM, to haul my car away, sell my car, and keep any difference for themselves.

I was expecting to meet all my creditors, including the ones that have been threatening me on the telephone every day from early morning to late evening, often making as many as 25 calls per day, however, not a single creditor appeared at the BK hearing conference.

I would like to add that Lucy Ajdaharian did a great job, however, that would not accurately reflect Lucy's role at the hearing conference. In, fact, Lucy Ajdaharian did so much more than just a great job.

I just wanted to say how wonderful attorney Lucy Ajdaharian was at the BK Hearing and how incredibly well she took charge of the event once the Trustee invited her to speak.

I have been so very impressed with the magnificent skills and talents of everybody at the law office of David A. Tilem, with very special admiration and thanks for all the incredible legal work, support, advice and caring from Sylvia Lew, Esq., Lucy Ajdaharian, Esq.

I fully plan to recommend the services of Tilem Law group at my every opportunity. I could not be more pleased with your performance, with your ethics, with your attention to every finite detail, and most of all, for your compassion and caring.

From my point of view, this was the best money I have ever spent on anything concerning myself. In exchange for a small fee, I truly believe I received invaluable services from Tilem Law, with a net result that has provided me with debt-relief in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, affording me the opportunity for a fresh start.

I could not be more happy and appreciative of the astounding service I have received at the Law Offices of David A. Tilem.

Wishing you all a very Happy, Safe and Healthy Memorial Day weekend~

God Bless You,

"Brian from Los Angeles"

7.) Client Testimony

I did receive a "discharge" notice this weekend from the United States Bankruptcy Court. I assume you received a copy as well. I congratulate you and your entire staff on doing such a splendid job!

You and your entire staff at the Tilem Law Firm have been so absolutely spectacular from the very inception down to the very last hearing and detail of my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing. I have never in my life experienced such incredible high-level of competence coupled with such caring, compassion and expertise.

Warmest personal regards,

"Brian from Los Angeles"

8.) Client Testimony

Entering the arcane world of bankruptcy law is daunting, even for professionals sophisticated across a range of other disciplines. Ultimately, I found Chapter 11 to be akin to an old fashioned strategy game (a la chess) with its own rules, challenges, and opportunities.

The Tilem firm approached my company's situation with an unwavering focus on maximizing the economic outcome while simultaneously keeping its billing and other expenses as low as possible. (For example, Tilem delegates mandatory financial reporting to an outside party who produces same high-quality work for less than 40% of the cost of what other attorneys charge. Cost matters and a "pencil heavy" firm billing large sums can crush a petitioner.

When I started the process, I had a myriad of questions and ideas, many of which would not have been helpful if pursued. Tilem efficiently dismissed ideas he knew would be ineffective and conscientiously incorporated those that he knew would help our company; in a word, he had the wisdom "to know the difference" in regards to which strategies would work and which would waste both our money and our reputation with the court.

Innately, I quickly came to trust him. It was only later that I observed the respect and authority he garners within the L.A. bankruptcy community (a small club indeed composed of other debtor lawyers, creditor counsel, and a finite number of judges). His stature within this group accrued to the company's benefit as we were treated fairly and with respect by the court.

Our company owes David Tilem, Michael Avanesian, and Sylvia Lew a great deal for we emerged from Chapter 11 leaner, stronger, and with a promising future.

"Richard, Managing Member of JMD"

9.) Client Testimony

During these last few years of financial crisis I've had the need to enlist the services of several bankruptcy attorneys-in particular attorneys who specialize in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and reorganization. My experience has been that some are good at what they do, but are not so great with client service. Others have unimpressive skills with mediocre levels of client service. I can happily say that after having been represented by Michael Avanesian at Tilem law, Michael is by far the most thorough, skilled, meticulous and most importantly, effective bankruptcy lawyer, whom I've been fortunate enough to be represented by.

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is a complex and typically financially costly process. Typically, a debtor contemplating Chapter 11 bankruptcy is in a situation of financial distress. That debtor may be in a situation where they have some assets or cash, which they are hoping to reorganize, so that they can set a course towards stable a financial stewardship. My experience with several other Chapter 11 firms was that the debtor is invited to meet with the attorney for an initial consultation, which may cost you somewhere in the thousand dollar range. By the time you finish consulting with attorneys you are likely in an even more dire financial situation.

There was no such experience when I met with Michael Avanesian. The initial consultation was at a nominal cost, and he spoke with me at length about the particulars of my case, and the strategies he might use to try to get me the exact result that I needed. Michael immediately presented himself as personable, friendly, and most importantly knowledgeable about the bankruptcy process and the judges who preside over bankruptcy cases. I was pleased to discover only the highest levels of service all the way through the opening and successful closing of my bankruptcy case. Phone calls were always returned, questions were always researched and answered and details and risk assessments of strategies were always presented in written format that was easy to understand.

Another thing that I really appreciated about Michael's style of business is that he is sensitive to the client's awareness of costs. He's not in the businesses of squeezing out as much money as possible, only to put a client in further financial distress. I was always informed about the cost of a course of action or strategy before such action was implemented. I've had situations where attorneys go off somewhere and do work that you are completely unaware is being done, only to find billings in the thousands of dollars at the end of monthly billings, for actions which would not have been worth the effort, had I been informed of them beforehand.

I recommend Michael Avanesian without hesitation. Working with him and the staff of Tilem Law is easily the best and least stressful experience I've had with a bankruptcy attorney.

"Tim from Los Angeles"

10.) Client Testimony

Dear Sylvia,

George and I want to thank you for the help and guidance you've given us. Like millions of people in the past few years we had to find a way to navigate through financial problems that were new to us and difficult. With you and everyone else at the David Tilem firm we felt that we had chosen the right people to help us. From the very first day you were clear with us about what could be done, what could not be done and what the consequences would be for whatever legal path we chose. I can't say that it was a painless process. George and I both have lived our adult lives taking responsibility for our financial decisions and to walk away from any debt was not easy.

You gave us solid advice backed up by legal experience and precedent. Whenever we had a question someone was there with an answer. The bottom line is that we got through both situations with a minimum of anxiety. I cannot tell you how many times we have talked about how thankful we are to have taken the actions we took at the time we took them and how pleased we are with the services of the Law Offices of David A. Tilem.

"George and Jane from Los Angeles"

11.) Client Testimony

I'd like to say that from start to finish, Sylvia and Joan have been so helpful in seeing me through such a difficult time. Sylvia, in fact, stayed in touch with me and answered my questions two months prior to my decision to file. She was quick to answer all of my questions, and so incredibly sensitive and compassionate to my circumstances. Throughout the entire process I was confident that she had my best interests at heart - she even answered emails over weekends!

Again, thank you so much!

"Elizabeth from Hacienda Heights"