Glendale Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Imagine your life the way it used to be — a job that paid your bills and allowed you to save for a brighter future; a home you worked hard to afford and that you continued to improve and invest in; a car in your garage; a strong credit rating, with borrowing and buying power; and a daily routine that was never interrupted by contact from harassing, unscrupulous creditors.

It can be that way again. That is our message to you, from the Law Offices of David A. Tilem.

The David A. Tilem consumer bankruptcy legal team in Glendale, California, is exactly that: a hands-on, goal-oriented staff of legal professionals who are dedicated to true debt relief for you and to putting your financial crisis behind you.

During more than 30 years of successful service to the people of Glendale and Los Angeles County — individuals, families and businesses alike — we have provided the kind of sound guidance and solid support that get results.

Burbank Consumer Debt Relief Lawyers Offer Experienced, Dedicated Representation

When you file for Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, you receive a "fresh start" thanks to special features of this federal protection that include:

  • A means test to determine your eligibility — otherwise Chapter 13 reorganization may be a viable option
  • The automatic stay that stops foreclosure, wage garnishment, auto repossession and creditor harassment
  • Property exemptions that allow you to keep certain possessions
  • Discharge (elimination) of medical debt after a sudden injury or illness and accumulating credit card debt

Because people confront the reality of bankruptcy for many reasons — predatory lending, an expensive divorce or simply living beyond one's means, to name just a few — we are not here to judge them. The Law Offices of David A. Tilem is here to help. We deliver quality legal assistance that includes listening to your goals, openness to your ideas, a command of bankruptcy statutes and supportive personal service that puts your legal needs first.

California Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Individuals, Families And Businesses In Los Angeles County For More Than 30 Years

To speak with an experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Glendale about your consumer bankruptcy, free of charge, contact the Law Offices of David A. Tilem at 888-257-7648 or by email. If your busy schedule only allows you to meet with us on a weekday evening or weekend, we can accommodate you.

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